Let's make it easier to Gather Together
It can be difficult getting family and friends together.
Simplify it with Tortsy. We can help.
What we do
We help get family and friends together by giving you and your guests the tools to manage the gathering.
How it works
Create an Event
Invite guests
ALL GUESTS can collaborate by adding wish lists, surveys, signup sheets, and more
Tortsy is all about collaboration
Guests can post questions, signup sheets, wish lists and more
Gift giving
More than one christmas celebration
Share the same wish list with multiple families
No need to split or manage multiple wish lists
Guest surveys
Poll your guests to get answers to your pressing event-related questions.
Track who's coming and when
Guests can RSVP and share their arrival and departure info.
Keep track of the things you signed up for
Tortsy automatically tracks everything you signup for
Assign a co-host
With Tortsy an event is managed by all guests with few restrictions.
Only hosts and co-hosts can invite guests.
How much does Tortsy cost
Zip, nada, ziltch. It's free. Tortsy costs you absolutely nothing!