About Tortsy

Our goal is to make it easier for family and friends to gather together.

Many of our happiest memories are created when we gather together with our family and friends. Coordinating the activities of the people involved in the get-together, however, can often prove to be tedious and tiresome. Tortsy provides an easy and convenient way for family and freinds to cordinate future celebrations.

Create an event and invite your guests

Initiating an event is simple. All you have to do is to select a name for your event. That's it! You can easily invite guests to your event by typing their email addresses or if they are a Tortsy member, simply search for their name

Once a guest has accepted an invitation to an event, all other activities associated with the event are collaborative. Guests can coordinate activities and share information with each other in one convenient place!

Share map locations and calendar entries

Your guests can create calendar entries on a shared calendar as a means of communicating important dates with other guests. Maybe you want to share the time your plane lands and note your flight number, (I know my mom asks for this information everytime we get together!) Guests can also pinpoint map locations on a shared Google map so that other guests can take note of the addresses and get directions. The calendar entries can even be linked to the pinpointed map locations to show where the calendar events will take place.

Coordinate gift purchases

We help you coordinate gift purchases among your family and friends. You no longer have to contact your relatives individually to ask for their wish lists and then try and coordinte the gift purchases among your other family members. Tortsy provides you with a single convenient location where all family members can post their wish lists. You can select which gifts you will purchase on their lists and communicate your gifting decisions with every other member of your family with a single mouse click.

Stay organized with to-do and shopping lists

You don't have to try and remember which items you decided to purchase. In addition to coordiated maps, calendars and gift purchases, Tortsy provides you with a shopping list for gifts which you have indicated you wish to purchase. We also offer an easy to use To-Do list. Both the shopping and the To-Do lists are located on your home page.